An introduction to KM

About Us

Krakauer Management is based on two pillars:


We organize Roadshows, taking place in Europe as well as in Canada.

We arrange one on one meetings and group presentations mainly for small and mid cap companies.

Companies listed at the Vienna Stock Exchange and asset managers will be introduced to advisors, asset managers, banks, family offices, insurance companies and other stakeholders.

Our expertise for corporations and
asset managers

We introduce and manage long term investor relationships for corporations listed at the Vienna Stock Exchange, by proposing superior marketing and sales services.

We also offer exclusive partnerships with asset managers and an efficient and cost-effective way to distribute investment products to qualified investors.

Wealth Management

We also provide discretionary and advisory wealth management with our German partner  Azemos

Our expertise for private investors

After we have analysed the full spectrum of client goals and specific needs, we propose a portfolio solution.
This will take into account our views of economic and - political policy - making, provider selection and risk exposures.
We are also glad to cooperate with your selected and proven banking connection.
Our primary emphasis is always based on appropriate asset allocation, generally among stock and bond, but also alternative asset classes.
We keep total investment costs as low as possible, emphasizing tax efficiency at all times.
We collaborate with internationally well - known portfolio managers, established think tanks and institutions.


While the global financial landscape is complex, we strive to simplify those complexities for our clients.

Our Address

Waldeckgasse 1
1180 Vienna, Austria


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On 1 April 2002 the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) was set up as an independent authority in accordance with the Financial Market. Supervisory Authority Act (FMABG). More details regarding the Austrian banking supervision authority are available from the homepage of the FMA.

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